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NeuNet Pro 2.3 for Windows
"How to Purchase"

Level 1 is FREE !
Your download of NeuNet Pro is the complete, full-running program with no features held back. Your free level 1 registration allows you to create neural networks using up to 250 rows of your own data. Larger sample databases are included with the program download. Additional sample databases may be downloaded from this site.
Purchase NeuNet Pro for $99 per level.
You may purchase one or more NeuNet Pro serial numbers for US $99. Every time you enter a new serial number, your registration level is elevated by one. This flexible purchase plan lets you choose the level you wish to purchase. You may purchase several serial numbers at once, or purchase just one now and more later.
  • Level 1 =      250 data rows is free with program download.
  • Level 2 =   1,000 data rows
  • Level 3 =   2,000 data rows
  • Level 4 =   4,000 data rows
  • Level 5 =   8,000 data rows
  • Level 6 = 16,000 data rows
  • Level 7 = 32,000 data rows
  • Level 8 = unlimited data rows (see specs, includes SDK.
Convenient, secure, online purchasing...
  • A NeuNet Pro license may be purchased online using VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX and DISCOVER cards.
  • Purchase NeuNet Pro from any country, any hour of any day!
  • Please accept our License Agreement before you purchase.
  • Visit our secure "RegSoft" website by clicking the button below.
  • Fill out the order form.
  • Choose online, fax, telephone or mail order.
  • Online purchasers are automatically emailed their serial number(s) within seconds.
  • Enter the serial number(s) into your NeuNet Pro program.

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