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NeuNet Pro Developer's Kit
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Royality Free Source Code Included *** Windows/Dos/Unix/Mac

The NeuNet Pro Software Developer's Kit allows computer programmers to embed trained neural network prediction systems into their own programs. The kit supports several programming languages and operating systems. Examples of programming code are included. The source code for our 32 bit Windows DLL is also included.

  • Java Publish your live prediction system onto the internet using NeuNet Java Applets. Check out these Java based prediction models!
  • Java Script
    One mouse click generates interactive HTML web pages with the neural network prediction system embedded as JavaScipt. This is a very easy way to put you prediction system on the web!
  • Visual Basic
    VisualBasic programmers may call our 32 bit DLL to make predictions inside a VisualBasic program.
  • Excel
    Microsoft Excel spreadsheets may use VBA to call our 32 bit DLL, creating a prediction column.
  • Access
    Microsoft Access databases may use VBA to call our 32 bit DLL, creating reports, forms and fields that show neural network prediction.
  • Ansi C
    Ansi C programmers can paste our C subroutine into their programs, enabling predictions to be made in Windows, Unix, Mac and other operating systems.

Available Only to Level 8 Users

The NeuNet Pro Software Developer's kit is available free to all users who purchase a level 8 registration. To obtain the SDK, please send us an email request. The SDK is available only to level 8 users.

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