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VisiRex 2.1 for Windows

"Visual Rule Extraction"

Discover the rules behind your data...

VisiRex is an exciting new tool that performs data mining and knowledge discovery by extracting the rules hidden within any database.
  • Discover interesting and useful patterns and rules within any database.
  • Generate comprehensive statistical reports on your data.
  • Build color-coded decision trees with adjustable tree pruning.
  • Browse your data while observing anomalies that do not fit the normal behavior.
  • Segment your data into clusters of similarity.
  • Build predictive models using a portion of your data, then test the models using another portion.
  • Perform "live predictions" to interactively experiment with data values.
Are you getting maximum return from your database investment...?
VisiRex is the fast and easy way to learn more about your data.
  • Point VisRex to your database and select the desired table.
  • Select what field is to be used as the prediction target.
  • Select what fields are to be used as inputs for the extracted rules.
  • Select how many rows of your data you wish to use.
  • Observe the extracted rules as a color-coded flow chart or tree chart.
  • Experiment with interactive pruning of the extracted rule tree.
If you have data, you need VisiRex...
Business Uses:
  • Which customers are likely to buy which products?.
  • Which products are likely to sell with other products? in what region? in what season? at what price?
  • What is the best location for our new branch?
  • Which transactions are likely to be fraudulent?
  • Which customers are likely to pose a credit risk?.
  • How do our sales respond to various economic indicators? to the weather?
  • What is our competitor going to do next?
  • What factors are important in choosing a good stock market investment?
Medical and Scientific Research Uses:
  • Which medical tests should be done in what order to arrive at a reliable diagnosis?
  • Which medical patients should seek a second opinion regarding their diagnosis?
  • What medical patients are likely to benefit from what combination of drugs and treatments.
  • What scientific observations should be collected in order to reach a conclusion?
  • What combinations of factors are important in reaching a conclusion?
  • How does a scientific experiment react to various parameters?
Industrial Uses:
  • Which quality control tests are necessary? redundant? irrelevent?
  • Which process parameters have important downstream effects.
  • What combinations of factors are important in choosing areas for mineral prospecting and oil exploration?
  • How does a skilled operator respond to process irregularities?
  • How does one predict and diagnose machinery problems?
Many Other Uses:
  • Economics, econometric modeling and financial markets.
  • Forecasting, modeling and scheduling.
  • Criminal investigation and law enforcement.
  • Politics, elections and public policy.
  • Sports betting, horse racing and gambling
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