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VisiRex 2.1 for Windows
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Download VisiRex 2.1 (visi21.exe, 8.9 mb)

  • (Requires Windows95, 98, ME, 2000 or WindowsNT4)
  • Please accept our License Agreement before you download.
  • This is the full-running, complete VisiRex package including help file.
  • An assortment of 8 real-world sample databases is included.
  • Create your own projects and experiments using sample databases.
  • Additional sample databases can be downloaded below.
  • Free level 1 registration is included (250 data row limit).
  • When you purchase a VisiRex serial number, you advance to the next registration level.
Download VisiRex Program Manual (, 0.5 mb)
  • (Contains same information as the program's help file)
  • A 42 page, printable manual for VisiRex.
  • Printable by most word processors (MS-Word 6 format).
  • This manual is not included in the program download above.
Download Sample Data From NeuNet Pro Website
  • VisiRex accepts all NeuNet Sample Data (.NNS) Files
  • Experiment with these large databases while still at registration level 1.
  • Warning: These data files will not extract until NeuNet Pro is installed on your computer.
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