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NeuNet Pro 2.3 for Windows

"Discover the Patterns in Your Data"

NeuNet Pro neural network software lets you use your computer for pattern recognition, data mining, business and market forecasting, medical diagnosis, sports handicapping... almost any activity where you need to make a prediction based on your data. This is a 32 bit program which requires Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT4(sp3).

Try NeuNet Pro for free!

Download NeuNet Pro now. You receive the full-running, complete NeuNet Pro package, with an assortment of real-world sample data. Create your own projects and experiments using sample data from our collection. The free level-one registration lets you experiment with 250 rows of your own private data.

Purchase a NeuNet Pro serial number for $99.

When you purchase a NeuNet Pro serial number, your registration will be elevated to the next level.

Developer's Kit is now available.

The NeuNet Pro Software Developer's Kit allows computer programmers to embed trained neural network prediction systems into their own programs. The kit supports several programming languages and operating systems. Check out theses interactive HTML web pages created by the Developer's kit.

Now Available... "VisiRex" Visual Rule Extraction

VisiRex uses inductive rule extraction to discover the rules contained in a database and presents the rules as a graphical decision tree. The tree can be interactively pruned in a visual development environment.

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