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We specialize in custom programs for :

  • Artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, inductive rule extraction and genetic algorithms.
  • Databases, data mining, data analysis, data modeling, prediction and knowledge discovery.
  • Scientific programs, bioinformatics, process optimization, resource allocation, quality control and statistical analysis.
  • Text-to-speech programs with language translation.
  • Voice Over IP VOIP and internet telephony.
  • CGI programs running on internet servers, web applications, complete website development and web hosting.

Our expertise includes:

  • Visual Basic master level certification
  • Windows and Linux
  • Visual Basic, VBA, C, C++, Java, PHP, PERL
  • Access, MySQL, ODBC
  • HTML, JavaScipt

Products and Services

Several programs are available for public download:

QsoNet (Virtual Ionosphere for Amateur Radio):QsoNet uses the internet to receive audio signals from a ham radio transmitting station, then instantly reflects the audio back to all stations listening on that frequency. There is no RF. Everything is done over the internet. The result is a simulated ionosphere for worldwide amateur radio communication. Stations can use either voice or Morse code CW modulation. Please visit the QsoNet web site. Read the public reviews about Qsonet.

CQPhone Voice and Video Chat Program: You can enjoy voice chat + video chat + typing chat - all packed in one software product. Share pictures and web pages. Use voice chat with awesome voice quality. CQPhone is a simple chat program that works like a real telephone. This program is free. There are no advertising banners. Tell your friends. This software works with dialup, DSL and cable modems. Every user receives a private phone number. Meet new friends on the public random chat list. No cost. No registration. No adware. No spyware. Please visit the CQPhone web site. Read the public reviews about CQPhone. Attention Voip Developers: The source code for CQPhone is for sale. Contact us for details.

(Visual Rule Extraction): A general-purpose software tool for performing data mining, data prediction and knowledge discovery using inductive rule extraction. Please visit the VisiRex web site.

NeuNet Pro
: a general-purpose software tool for pattern recognition, data mining, modeling and prediction using neural networks. For more information, please visit the NeuNet web site.

We offer fast, professional software development:

Success Stories

Some of our projects:

  • VisiRex (visual rule extraction) is a program we developed based on J. Ross Quinlan's published algorithms for inductive rule extraction (ID3 and C4.5). This is a general-purpose program available for download as shareware. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta is using VisiRex to study what combinations of factors contribute to adverse reaction to vaccinations.

  • NeuNet Pro is a neural network program we have been selling as shareware since 1995. It is an easy-to-use, general-purpose program that offers both backpropagation and SFAM algorithms. We assisted the Swiss microbiology company - Novartis Pharma in successful development of a system to classify microscope slides, based on processing the video image received from the microscope eyepiece. We assisted several industrial companies in building predictive models of process parameters. Ben-Gurian University has used NeuNet to model an integral equation related to the polarization distribution of ferroelectrics. A Swiss graduate student has used NeuNet to successfully model the Cobb-Web theory of economic cycles. Quantum Bit Induction Technology, Inc. and Remington Ventures are using NeuNet Pro to recognize and predict the migration of capital which drives currency and capital markets. Several universities are using NeuNet to teach neural networks and data mining. Many people are using NeuNet to model financial markets and for sports betting.

  • Insurance companies need to know which claims were caused by which storms. Using a database of 50,000 USA storm reports, we have developed a custom program that determines the probability of any insurance claim being caused by any storm. The total damage caused by each storm can be estimated. Claims are clustered by storm. Millions of claims may be processed in a single batch. A patent was obtained for this process, and we have assigned the rights to an American company.

  • GeekSuite is a program we developed for performing data matching and clustering, based on a fuzzy "similarity" of data records. For example, insurance claims resulting from one particular disaster will cluster together based on similarity of time, place and type of damage. This is a highly interactive, general-purpose program that can be used with any data. A patent has been obtained and we have assigned the rights to an American company.

  • The Gamut Reading Machine is a combined hardware / software project that we completed in conjunction with MoneyTree Software Company (now ReadPlease Corp). We currently have several prototypes in final testing. The popular program ReadPlease was a spin-off of this work.

  • Nextlibrary.com is developed, administered, hosted and owned by us. This site provides services for libraries and museums for photo archives and online ebooks. We are extremely proud of the Penelope search engine we developed for this site. The system uses the Dublin-Core standard for archival data.

  • Successfulaging.ca is developed, and hosted by us. This site features a customized content management system which allows the site owners to modify the content easily from day to day. Confidential data from the health quiz is collected over a secure socket connected to the server's database. A public discussion forum is also included.


What our clients are saying

From Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology:
"... I would also like to offer congratulations to you for CorMac Technologies' role in developing the 'Gamut Intelligent Reading Machine' ... I wish you continued success in keeping Ontario at the forefront of innovation, economic growth and technological and scientific advancement. Please accept my best wishes.
Jim Wilson, Minister"

From United States Navy:
A project we did for the U.S. Navy was published in the June 2001 issue of Visual Basic Programmer's Journal under "Basic Heroes". When we asked the Navy for permission to publish, we were delighted to receive a glowing reference:
"Anything that shines a light on the fantastic work your company does would be welcome. ANYTHING I can do to provide amplifying information just let me know. People should realize the extent and importance of your software development as it relates to overall U.S. Navy training and readiness. Your software is becoming the STANDARD INTEL scenario writing package as well as the STANDARD voice simulation operations program to transmit those scenarios, on the East coast. Several Carrier Battlegroups have already received excellent training and in MARCH the U.S.S.ENTERPRISE Battlegroup along with players from all branches of the military, will be honing their skills using your BVS software package. Please allow me to help if I can.
V/R Al King"

From Novartis Pharma AG:
We received a letter of thanks from Dr. Wilfried Frieauff at Novartis Pharma AG, Basil Switzerland. We assisted Dr. Frieauff with a project to classify microscope images of cells using our neural network software. The project was published in Mutation Research Journal of Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Metathesis in 1998. The title is "Automatic Analysis of the In Vitro Micronucleus Test on V79 Cells". It appears with keywords "preclinical safety", "toxicology / pathology". Both Douglas McCormack and CorMac Technologies received reference in the published paper. Dr. Frieauff's letter states:
"We are very satisfied with the results and, as you can see, made the whole image analysis system part of our routine test environment. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your help and cooperation."

From Anthem Inc:
"I successfuly used the data mining capabilities of NeuNet Pro at Indiana Medicaid, and am now showcasing your product at Medicare, a considerably wider audience. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your product!
Mark Ireland, Statistician
AdminaStar Federal, Inc."

From Quantum Bit Technologies Inc:
"Basically, we have spent the last couple years finding neural net input data that yields reliable results for the markets that we trade... Thank you for your time and again thank you for NeuNetPro. It is a shockingly powerful tool in an almost toy like package."
Mike Skillern, President
Quantum Bit Technologies Inc.

From Ben-Gurion University:
We received mention in a research paper published by Professor Sidney B. Lang, Department of Chemical Engineering. The paper was titled: Use of Neural Networks to Solve the Integral Equation of the Laser Intensity Modulation Method (LIMM).
Under Acknowledgements...
"This research was supported by The Israel Science Foundation founded by The Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the Israel Ministry of Science and Technology. The author also thanks Doug McCormack and Clay Essex for advice on neural networks."

From Alston Power:
We assisted Alston Power in using our NeuNet Pro program to design a load prediction system for a U.K. power plant:
"You may be interested to know that I am using nnetpro as a load prediction backup system to make power station output predictions for up to 12 hours ahead with an accuracy of greater than 98%. the predictions are increasingly accurate over shorter time periods, as one would expect.
Ian McIntosh, Senior Operations Engineer
Roosecote Power Station"

From Thunder Bay Public Library:
"My sincerest and deepest thanks go to all those whose time and talents contributed to the success of this project. It pays to connect with true professionals. Thank you all.
Shawn J. Allaire
Project Coordinator, Photo Digitization Project"

Meet our People

Douglas R. McCormack

Clayton J. Essex
senior programmer

Douglas R. McCormack,
P. Eng.


Doug McCormack is the owner, operator and president of CorMac Technologies Inc. He founded the company in 1987.

Education & Qualifications:

  • A degree in Applied Science (civil engineering) from Queen's University (1973)
  • Registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada (since 1975)
  • Artificial Intelligence Course, Confederation College (1993)
  • Self-taught Computer Programmer: PHP, Java, HTML, VisualBasic, BASIC, FORTRAN (since 1967)
  • HTML Programming Course, Lakehead University (1995)
  • Canadian Securities Course (1986)
  • Contract Law Course, University of Alberta (1984)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Radio, Federal Department of Transport (1966)

Experience & Accomplishments:

  • Sixteen years experience operating a successful company.
  • Fifteen years employment in the forest products industry.
  • Involved in design and construction of major industrial projects for Northern Wood Preservers, Abitibi Paper Co., Simpson Timber Co., and Alberta Energy Company.
  • Designed many web sites and internet programs.
  • Wrote the neural network program "NEU-NET".
  • Wrote several custom AI programs for a US company.
  • Wrote a program to optimize the cutting of lumber from logs.
  • Wrote a program to optimize the allocation of logs from several forest areas to several plant sites.
  • Designed and implemented of a formal quality control program for pressure treated wood.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Mathematics, science, computers and electronics
  • Statistical analysis, data prediction and optimization
  • Financial markets
  • Fishing, hiking, bicycling, cross country skiing, tropical fish

Clayton J. Essex

Clay Essex is the senior programmer for CorMac Technologies Inc.
He joined the company in May of 1997.

Skills & Education:

  • Courses in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Lakehead University.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS-Windows, DOS, Linux and Unix in multi-user environments.
  • Programming skills include VisualBASIC, VBA, C, C++, Perl, HTML, Apache, PHP.
  • Proficient at PC hardware diagnosis and repair.

Experience & Accomplishments:

  • Five years as Systems Officer with the Ontario Government Office of Registrar General. This office administers a database containing more than 25 million records of birth, death and marriage certificates in graphic format.
  • Developed and implemented intranet web based server for above database.
  • Conceived, developed and implemented a French accent conversion utility for the above database.
  • Developed and implemented statistical analysis programs for the above database.
  • Wrote several programs related to data mining, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and inductive rule extraction.
  • Installed, customized and optimized an assortment of bioinformatic programs on a linux server.
  • Wrote the Penelope search engine.
  • Installed and maintained several Linux web servers.

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Automotive mechanics and electronics
  • Skating and hockey
  • Astronomy and Music

How to Contact Us

HSBC Building

We like to hear from you:

  • We especially like to hear your ideas, comments and experiences regarding the use of artificial intelligence for data mining and data prediction.

  • Please send email to douglas@cormactech.com.

  • Telephone: (807) 345-7114
    Fax: (613) 822-5625
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